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Prefab Homes

Prefab homes are constructed in a factory and then transported in pre-built sections to your home building site. Nelson's prefab homes consist of panelized wall, roof, and floor components to expedite and simplify the building process of your new home.

What's Included

Prefab homes include pre-cut floor trusses, panelized walls (pre-built and ready to stand up), engineered roof trusses, windows, exterior finish, shingles, insulation, and drywall. Delivery is free.

Prefab Chestermere Package



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Efficient On-site Assembly

Prefabricated homes require 60% less framing time than an on-site built home. Clients do not have to be a small or large-scale builder to purchase a prefab home. However, residential clients will need to find a local contractor to assemble the prefab home or build the package yourself.