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Prefab Fairmont Package


Prefab Home Advantages

What are some specific benefits of building a prefab home with Thomas Homes?


                                 What's Included         


                                                                   2023 Standard Thomas Homes Specifications



Beam           Multi-Ply LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) or as required by design, supplied in random lengths.
Telepost      Adjustable steel post or as required by design.
Trusses                         4x2 - Engineered Floor Trusses built to length, typical spacing is 19.2” o/c.
Hangers                       Floor system hangers and hanger nails supplied.
Rim Board                   7/16” osb rimboard is supplied.
End Walls in Floor      End walls parallel to joists are manufactured with 2 x 6 #2 & BTR kiln dried spruce studs @ 24" o.c. with 7/16" oriented strand board sheathing.
Subfloor                       3/4” T & G fir plywood.
Subfloor Adhesive       Supplied in large tubes.
Interior Stairs              If applicable, all interior stairs are manufactured with oriented strand board treads with nosing and closed risers, and are ready to install with necessary handrails and wood wall mount brackets. Routered stringers are 2 x 12 select #2 grade spruce. Landings, if required, are built on site with material supplied).



Panels                          2 x 6 #2 & BTR kiln dried spruce studs @ 16" o.c. with 7/16" oriented strand board sheathing applied vertically, manufactured in sections with all openings framed. Wall sheathing is fastened with spiral shank sheathing nails.
Typical header is 2 ply 2x10 #2 & BTR. Second top plate supplied loose.
*Walls can be built up to 20’ long upon request.*
Air Barrier                  Housewrap air barrier. Tape to seal joints is included. Rubberized membrane for perimeter of window & door openings is supplied.
Partitions                    2 x 4 #2 & BTR kiln dried spruce studs @ 16" o.c. with all openings framed. Second top plate supplied loose.
Blocking                     Drape blocking, drywall backing, and temporary bracing.



Trusses                       Engineered and manufactured by Nelson Homes from dry spruce and spaced 24" o.c. with high heel. Generally 24" overhang, see plans for details.
Gables                      Manufactured gable truss per roof design, framed with spruce studs spaced 24" o.c. and sheathed to match wall sheathing.
Ladders                    Precut in factory and supplied as a knockdown to be assembled on site in sections to form gable overhang, ladder rungs spaced at 24" OC. Generally 24" overhang, see plans for details.
Roof Sheathing         7/16" oriented strand board roof sheathing in 4 x 8 sheets.

Hardware                  All required hangers, hanger nails, ply clips. Framing nails are NOT included.
Roof Flashing           Prefinished metal eave, ladder, and step flashings.
Roof Vent                 Duraflo Roof Vents.
Soffit & Fascia          Prefinished aluminum vented soffit. Prefinished aluminum fascia 6”,8”, or 10” as per plan. Includes colored screws.
Fascia Backer            #2 & btr dry spruce 2 x 6, 2x8, or 2x10 as per plan. Minimum length of 14'0.
Shingles                    IKO Cambridge Limited Lifetime class ‘A’ double-layer laminate fiberglass shingles c/w eave and valley protection, synthetic roofing membrane to the entire roof, and tab cement supplied in large tubes.


WINDOWS             Ply Gem – Comfort Series (Picture, casement, awning as per plan). White vinyl windows come with triple weather stripping, self-storing screens and has a roto-gear operator. Glass is triple glazed 270 Low E sealed insulated unit with argon gas. The venting casement and awning style are complete with multi-point locking hardware. Windows are tempered where required. Grids/Grilles are NOT included. White metal drip cap and caulking supplied.

EXTERIOR DOORS    Ply Gem units come ready to install – prefinished metal cladding on an all-wood jamb withprefinished metal brickmould and aluminum sill over wood subsill. Door is embossed 6 panel, insulated Smooth Shield fiberglass 1-3/4" thick with weather stripping installed. Front door has peep hole and all doors come with choice of Weiser knob or lever design passage set and matching deadbolt, finished in choice of lifetime finish. Prefinished metal jamb is White. Glass inserts are not included. Garage to House door has a wood brickmould (not clad) on Garage side.

GARDEN DOOR – Included in selected models as per plan. Complete with white screen & double cam locks. Grids/Grilles are NOT included.


Vinyl Siding              Kaycan Timberlake Series vinyl siding in Double 4.5 designer profile c/w trim accessories.
Siding Trim               Electrical outlet and light box trims (white) as per plan. Corner posts, J-trim, undersill, and starter strip is included.
Wall                           Exterior walls: Fiberglas batt friction fit R24.
Ceiling                       Flat ceiling: Blown-in fiberglas R62. Cardboard baffles included.
                                   Scissor trusses: Fiberglas batt friction fit R20 and R42 blown-in fiberglas.
                                   Sloping flat roof trusses: Fiberglas batt friction fit R35.
                                   Low Expansion Spray Foam in 20oz cans supplied for around windows/doors.
Floors                         Cantilevered areas and floor over garage: vapour barrier and 1 layer of fiberglass batt friction fit R20.
Vapour Barrier          6 mil U.V.I. polyethylene supplied for exterior walls and ceiling.
Caulking                   Vapour barrier sealant in large tubes

       1/2" standard drywall for walls and ½” CDSR drywall for all ceilings, tape, cornerbead, joint 
cement, and screws. Round o/s corner bead c/w transition base. 1/2" mildew & mold resistant drywall 
board for behind tubs and showers.


Primed                  Includes primed embossed textured or smooth hollow core door in various styles to 
choose from. Primed knock down reversible jamb, predrilled and mortised for 3-hinges, privacy set 
to all baths, passage set to all other swing doors. All doors come with choice of Weiser “Welcome 
Home Series” knobs or lever design passage set, and finished in choice of lifetime finish. Closet 
doors are a bifold (or as per plan) with embossed panel to match doors. Bifolds come with half jamb 
and casing material.
Casing to be primed 3 1/4" (FJ pine) 411 profile and baseboard to be 4 1/4” (FJ pine) 412 profile.

Shelving & Hardware        Single prefinished 5/8" MDF shelf in white with vinyl wrap metal closet rod and hardware. Linen 
closets have 5 shelves and broom closet a single shelf.

Interior Railings    If applicable, all materials are paint grade to be finished on site, choice of fluted or colonial.
Small Hardware   Door stops (to match door hardware).(finish nails not included). Attic access is also included.

GARAGES      If applicable garage interior finish is included. The ceiling insulation is blown-in 
fiberglas R62, and wall insulation will be R22 fiberglass batt friction fit.
2 x 6 #2 & BTR kiln dried spruce studs @ 16” o.c. with 7/16” oriented strand board sheathing 
applied vertically, manufactured in sections with all openings framed. #2 & BTR spruce single 
bottom & double top plate.

Garage Overhead Door

                              Where applicable, a Richards Willcox Classic R12 insulated embossed panel door with deep wood grain 
texture and the low maintenance and durability of corrosive resistant prepainted galvanized steel. 
4 sectional door c/w hardware and weatherstrip. Designer glass door lites are not included. White 
metal clad door jambs are included.

COLUMNS          May be Included on some models - see blueprints for clarification.
3 Ply 2x6 spruce post, as per plan (finish by owner).



Move In Faster

Prefab homes are built inside a factory and therefore are also typically built in a fraction of the time a site-built home is. There are fewer delays and unforeseen costs. The savings on construction costs are passed on to the consumer.

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Fully Customizable

Our entire house plan collection is fully customizable. Thomas Homes can modify any existing Thomas house plan, design a complete custom home, or work from your architectural blueprints.